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Small Business Services

I offer personalized Bookkeeping Services based on your needs.

My services can include:


Bank Reconciliation (Monthly of Quarterly)

Financial Reports (Monthly or Quarterly)

Clean Up Services


End of Year Preparation

Small Business Budgeting


Bank Reconciliation is one of the most important tools in your businesses financial toolbox. Keeping you up to date on where your money is going and if there are any discrepancies that the bank is showing for your company.

Being current on missing or lost checks, credit card charges, and the transfer of funds will minimize the risk that your money goes missing. Let’s face it, in this day and age crime still happens and the bank doesn’t always catch transactions that were not authorized. Having current and frequent bank reconciliations takes away the risk of  criminal activity or errors in your business finances.


Financial Reports are the lifeblood of your company. Knowing who you owe money (Accounts Payable) and who owes money to you (Accounts Receivable) is essential to keeping business flowing. Profit and Loss Statements give you a quick snapshot of where your company is making money, and what areas might be losing money.

Have an up-to-date set of Financial Reports, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly to be able to reference for quick answers.

Clean Up is the least favorite job of any business owner. Whether you took over a set of messy books, or messed them up yourself, getting someone to put them in a tidy and understandable order is priority.

Some CPA’s will not accept records that are difficult to understand,  if they do, they have to spend a lot of time cleaning it up, which is very expensive to you.


Getting ready for Taxes but know that you aren’t quite ready to hand everything over to your accountant? End of Year Prep is customized with you in mind. Whether it’s checking for errors, or simplifying reports for your CPA, make sure you are ready for Year End and tax season.

Small Business Budgeting. Would you take a road trip without taking a map to find your way, or taking some sort of payment to pay for fuel? Starting and running a small business without a budget is even more foolish.

Budgeting takes your vision for your business and helps you build a financial plan to succeed and achieve your goals.


Payroll, it doesn’t matter if you have 1 employee, or 10. Payroll cuts a major swathe in the time you spend on your business. Keeping up to date on current payroll and tax laws is a major undertaking, but not being up to date can cost you big-time. I can help you set your payroll up correctly, or issue monthly paychecks or direct deposits for your employees.